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2017/2018 Season


Please click on the google spreadsheet link below for the playoff structure and schedule!



AUG 21 2019 

Hey All!

Looking forward to having you all back this season :)    -   League fees are $7800 IF YOU PAY ON TIME! Therefore, you must pay in the following installments on these dates to receive the above price.

Sept 16th - $1950

Oct 1st - $1950

Nov 1st - $1950

Dec 2nd - $1950

If you can't adhere to the above schedule, then your fees will be $8150 for the entire season. I believe we will be running our standard 22 game regular season along with two guaranteed playoff games.

Ice times are going to be similar to last season, with Sundays have slightly earlier start times. 

Our start date is either going to be Sept 16th or Oct 2nd. We are working to finalize this asap. 

Call or text me if you have any questions! 604 302 7263



DEC 29/2019

We start playoffs Saturday Jan 19th! Please click on the link below to see the schedule for playoffs


DEC 28/ 2018

Here is the link to the playoff schedule! PLEASE REFER TO THIS LINK ONLY as it is going to be up-to-date and real-time always!



DEC 25/ 2018



September 22 2018



September 1st, 2018

Team GMs: Schedule will be out by September 2nd! Please click on the link below as it will provide you with a roster sheet. Please scroll through, find your team name, and fill it out and send it back to me at

Roster Sheet 2018-19 ACHL.docx

Please bear in mind, there are lots of events at the Abbotsford Centre during the initial stages of our league. Always check this site for updated scheduling as at times, we may receive ice back and be able to schedule more games for us!


August 18th, 2018

ACHL GMs: It looks like we will have 6-7 teams this year in each division :)  - Make sure you get your first installment of league fees in by September 1st. Go to the Abbotsford Centre and head downstairs to the office. If you need help locating the office, ask the reception at the community office. The finance lady, Birgit, will take your 1st installment ($1950) and give you a receipt. If you pay all four of your installments on the 1st of each month or before(Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec), your league fees for your team will be $7800. If you can't then you won't receive the early bird special and you will owe a total of $8150. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

We have an excellent partnership this year with Abbey Road Taphouse! Bring your  game/score sheet and every player will receive a sleeve of the house lager and 1 platter of wings (15 wings). If you are the winning team, you will also receive the above as well as 1 plate of Nachos and 1 shot of tequila to celebrate your win! Be sure to bring ID as servers will be ensuring your name is on the game sheet. Abbey Road has an excellent happy hour starting at 930pm - close every night. Between Monday and Wednesday nights, the kitchen will likely close by 1130pm, so if you are the late game then you may or may not make it in time for the food incentives.

Abbey Road is also capable of holding a fundraiser for your hockey team in the form of a burger and brew! Our year end party will be held here as well with prizes and trophies handed out during this event.

1st place and 2nd place in each division will receive a $250 and $150 gift card to Abbey Road, respectively.


Jan 16th, 2018

Playoff schedule will be posted on the site, as well as this spreadsheet. Click on this link to see your potential playoff schedule. 


December 19th 2018

Schedule for the regular season is out! Our 23 game season will be completed on January 31st! We will then begin playoffs. I would appreciate some feedback regarding 3 game series instead of the usual winning and losing bracket. Regarding the schedule, I did my best to ensure teams play each other an equal amount of times as all the other teams. As well as giving all teams and even amount of early and late ice times. However, due to attempting to move the Panthers up to A division, the schedule was slightly distorted for December and January. If anyone has some better ideas in terms of playoffs please let me know! 

Thanks for a great season so far guys!

Oh and.... Merry Christmas to all and happy new year!



September 8

Schedule has been released till October 25th. Please please pay attention to the schedule on this website as game times and dates may change. I maybe adding more games in October so please keep a watchful eye for any changes. Lastly, team GM's need to fill out the game roster sheet and ensure their players read the rules before playing. PLEASE CLICK ON "RULES AND FORMS"

Welcome back to the ACHL league for our fourth season!



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2016/2017 Playoffs

Stats for playoffs will be posted shortly. However, scores for the games will be posted immediately on the google excel spreadsheet. Click here for the spreadsheet.

Playoff Schedule Posted - Click here then change season to 2016/2017 Playoffs

Playoff bracket and schedule is posted in the following link:

Playoffs 2016/2017

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Roster Sheets

October 8th, 2016

Just added new games for November. Please continue to check the schedule. Your team GM will always receive an email when new games have been scheduled or if any changes have been made. Regardless, as players, it's important to check the schedule yourselves and read this section for new updates.


Team GM's:

I have spoken with some of my scorekeepers and was told that roster sheets aren't being given to the scorekeeper in time. It should be done immediately and given to them ASAP so that they can write out all the names and properly keep track. Teams failing to do so in a timely manner may give up their goals and assists stats, but keep their PIMs. Also, you can receive a delay of game penalty. 

Please just fill it out and give it to the first guy who is stepping on the ice (pending it's filled out properly).

Lastly, please check out the Finnegan's Pub and Grill page on our website.I have modified a couple of the promotional aspects in collaboration with the Finnegan's. Now that we finally have carbon copies of the scoresheets, teams can go next door, claim their free beer, nachos, and pick a player of the game from the opposing team (receives a pitcher of beer as well). 



September 25, 2016

By the end of next week, I should have the roster sheets updated with the correct names and hopefully jersey numbers too. That way, team GMs can simply check off who is present and who is not. Also, carbon copies of game sheets will be available to both teams of each game (also end of next week).

Thanks for your patience. 

September 22, 2016

Hi all,

Just a reminder that all ACHL league members, which includes scorekeepers and officials, are to treat AESC staff with respect. I can promise you that the staff are merely doing their job. There is never a reason to be impolite nor impatient with them.

Thank you 

September 14, 2016

Games have been rescheduled :) ! Also we have added numerous games next week. Please check the schedule! All team GMs have ensure that players have read the rules! Spares too!! Lastly, team GMs need to access the below link in order to upload player rosters. Add player numbers if you wish but at least the names.


 September 13, 2016

Games on the 25th have been cancelled and will be rescheduled ASAP.  Sorry I just found out tonight. Will keep you guys posted! 

September 5, 2016

Schedule has been released until the end of October. I'm doing my best to ensure each team receives an even number of early and later ice times, as well as playing everyone an even number of times. I will do my best to keep this up all season. If you have any issues with the schedule, let me know and I will put forth my best effort to accommodate. We will try to get every team playing every week, but there are some weeks where that will not be possible.

Text or email me! or 604 302 7263 -  

September 3, 2016

Please click on the menu link for "Finnegan's Bar and Grill" - They are offering some great incentives to head over there after our league games :) 

Also - if you are bringing in pops to the changeroom, please bag them in and out. You have 30 minutes after the end of the your ice time to leave the room. The AESC is very strict regarding this policy and there is a 3 strike system. 


September 2, 2016 

Schedule has been released for September. Please use the menu on the left hand side of this page to access your game times. I have dates until December but waiting for all the deposits to come in. Please recall that if your deposit is not in by the due date (September 1st), the potential for another team to take your spot does exist.

August 18, 2016

Hi All - Thanks for your patience regarding obtaining information for this upcoming season. 

Cost of each team this year will be $7350 (taxes included). Payment must be made in cash or cheque. Credit card payments will incur an additional 3% charge.  21 Game Season. 2 Guaranteed Playoffs. No early bird discount rate this year sadly :(  - I'm going to try my best to get us all an additional game or two but at this point I can't necessarily guarantee anything.

Deposit is due September 1st ($1250) and remainder will be due by Friday, September 16th.

League start date is September 19th :)

Ice times will be largely similar to last year. 8:45pm and 10:15pm start times Sunday to Thursday. However, teams must be prepared to play other days of the week. Last year, we had 5 games during Sundays with the first game starting at 1:45pm. This is primarily due to events and minor hockey taking priority before our league. Therefore, we must take advantage of ice times that are given to us! 


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Game sheets and stats update

Hey Team GMS

I forgot to mention that our regular score sheets have not arrived. They should be here next week. Until then, I'll need to keep that copy but if you need a copy I can email or text you one immediately after the game :)  also player stats will be updated on a more regular basis starting next week. Sorry about the delay.

Lastly, I don't know if all players have read the rules for playing in this league. Guys are throwing hip checks and body checks like it's a contact's not. I know it's a 2 minute minor, but any play is reviewable and a suspension may ensue. I also consider how players have played in the past.

Please ensure players have read the rules. 



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ACHL Starts Monday!!

Team GMs:

If you don't regularly visit the site for news/homepage section, I highly recommend you start! It's an important part of the league to ensure everyone is always on the same page.

Please submit your roster via the link I provided in the homepage section. You simply need to modify it as I have a lot of the player names on there already. 

Have you read the rules? Have your players? Everyone needs to!!

Please recall, we park beside Finnegan's in the AC premium lot as it is free there. Teams need to pick up a roster sheet from guest services and fill it out accurately. They are to be given to the scorekeeper asap. Also, obtain your key to your assigned room from guest services as well. 

If there are issues with the roster sheet or player names they need to be clarified ... Last year there was ambiguity In terms of players qualifying for playoffs. I have made exceptions in the past but will not this season.

I'm excited for the season to begin! See you all on the ice :)




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Jan 15th Post

Lastly - There currently is NO RULE against allowing players to join a game late however, some teams have brought it to my attention that it can result in unfair play. From now on...if a FULL TIME team member has played 50% of games, then there should be no reason why they can't step on the ice at any time of the game. We all pay to play and to lose out on a game because you are running late would suck.
I can see how allowing a ringer spare to join your game halfway through the second period would be an issue. This won't be the case with the above rule.
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IMPORTANT - Please Read

To ACHL players and GM's:

I have been told that some of the players in our league have been disrespectful to the AESC facility staff. I understand we all have paid to play here, but that does not give anyone the right to be rude in anyway to staff members.

A reminder that we need to be out of the change rooms 30 mins after our scheduled ice time ends. If a staff member walks in your changeroom to let you know it's time to leave, have the decency to address him/her politely. 

Also, if you are bagging in pops, you need to bag them out as well. 

 Staff members will be taking pictures and reporting teams violating rules to the administration. There is a three strike system. Third strike and the team will be kicked out of the league. Same as last year boys. Let's make sure we are welcome back next year. 


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